Sunday, 2 December 2007

It Ain't All Bad...

Now, before you turn away in disgust thinking we've defected with a post title like that, bear with me. Temple Moor has some good points, but we'd be crazy to cover those. So instead, I'd like to tell you about the idiocy of another school. OK, they don't gas their pupils, flood their kitchens and set fire to their trees, but their lunch rules are crazy.

Whitkirk Primary School is one of Temple Moor's "feeder" schools - a load of pupils go from their to TMHS. Let's forgive their mistake there, though. Lunch times at Whitkirk, from what we've heard, are madness. Why? Because the school is so focused on idiotic healthiness and getting rid of the apparent obesity "crisis", it won't let children take chocolate to school!

That's right. If a child is spotted munching a Dairy Milk - and who can blame them? It's delicious - whoever's on patrol at break/lunch (and this really is a patrol, of Gestapo magnitude) will basically confiscate the chocolate.

Now, that may seem unfair. It is dreadfully so. But it gets worse. You can't even take in Smarties. But, in one class recently, children played a game of sorts that involved counting Smarties or using Smarties in some educational way. After this activity was finished, guess what happened? The children were given Smarties to scoff.

So if you thought Temple Moor had you drowning in hypocrisy,
a)you're completely right; but
b)it gets worse in other schools.

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