Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Attendance: The Sticker Version

So Temple Moor's attendance sucks. It's officially recognised and, to their credit, the school is trying to do something about it. Not just via the RAG system's implementation, either. No, the school's latest weapon is...a sticker.

The sticker is to be stuck to the inside cover of your planner. The very first bit of it, that's how "important" it is. It then has a space for your name and form. Hang on, your name and form? Well that's on the front page of your planner! Whose idea were those boxes? Anyway, the next space for writing is last year's attendance. Don't know it? Don't worry, your form tutor probably has the information.

Then, as the year progresses, you get to fill in your attendance for each half term. Brilliant, except how will we find out our last half term? We'll be in the summer holidays, so it's pathetically useless. Add to that fact that Year 11 won't give a damn, seeing as they're off during most of that time - some won't be returning for Sixth Form, either.

You know what's crazier? The "targets" boxes! Surely, your target attendance should be 100%, right? Not at Temple Moor - the school with bad attendance records. Say last year and the past half term's attendance was 80%. Your target, then, is about 90%. Which, effectively, means you can skip a few days at school. Awesome!

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