Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Do your tie up!

Another Standards Assembly today. This one's topic? Uniform.

Because no one tucks their shirts or does up their tie (apparently), the school is solving the problem the only way it knows how: bribery. Not even decent bribery, though. Stamps.

You see, next week is Focused Uniform Correction Karma* time. For each lesson - including registration - you'll get a stamp. That's two credits every day. The potential for ten credits in just one week. Wow. Amazing, isn't it?

You've got to admit, when it comes to bribes, Temple Moor can offer some of the best PD solutions ever. Unfortunately, no one gives a pair of dingo's kidneys - it just proves how idiotic PD is. And I'm not talking about potential difference, obviously.

But the real question is this: does Temple Moor think that after next week we'll wear our uniform better? No, we won't. And anyway, the next week after next week is in January. Who will remember anything?

Not the real name. But what an awesome acronym, eh?

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