Saturday, 22 December 2007

Monthly Roundup & Merry Christmas!

While the writing staff go and have wild Christmas presents and take wrapping paper off gifts like rabid dogs, you'll have to endure a no-more-news blog at Templar Truths. But luckily, school's out (for winter!), so your chances of being gassed are minimal.

Christmas seems to be a great time for Fleetwood news:
  • It was rumoured that Mr Martin Fleetwood - our beloved headteacher - and other senior staff members, would be prowling school during Period 4, ensuring no one was having fun. We don't know if this really happened, but it didn't stop our teachers.
  • Mr Fleetwood's Rewards Assembly speech for Year 11 was rubbish and made funny only by his strange laugh.
  • In other Fleetwood news, we heard he told someone off for wearing tinsel in their hair on Thursday because it wasn't the last day of school. Amazingly, we can believe that.
Amazingly, one student has got their own album coming out...

While other Templars are content with running into furniture.

Basically, then, merry Christmas, happy new year and send any Temple Moor news to the usual address.


Anonymous said...

I thought that no names were to be published... Sam Buckland's name is on that video

Thor said...

We don't mention teachers' names, nor pupils' names if it might get them into trouble or they requested we don't. Anyway, the album is so good we couldn't resist.

amyxlp said...

Haha LMAO, that's my fine Windows Media skillage i'll have you know

he's a star