Friday, 21 December 2007

Teachers & Other Excrement

We've had two nice emails from a reader with his/her own words to say (spelling, punctuation and grammar left as it was, names and obvious allusions to character removed):
I for one feel appauled at the new promotion of one [teacher]. Not only is she incapable of teaching her main subject, she also teaches unlucky pupils in [other subjects] despite NOT having the qualifications. If you have been unlucky enough to have her already, you'll know where im coming from here Templars. So you can imagine my instant reaction when I THEN discovered [the teacher had] been promoted to [a senior post]. Whoever is pulling the strings at Temple Moor really needs shooting, or injected with cancer. Because its fairly obviously "laid-back fleety" aint running the school. He looks like he cant manage to put on his own underwear half the time, so somethings going on.

The point is ANY school that has her in charge [of people] is obviously a flying pile of turd. If Temp M thinks that they can control terrible attendance levels via this new appointment, then thats just too funny.
If that makes for awkward reading then sorry, but we don't mention teacher's names. However, we whole-heartedly agree. But wait, there's more from this reader (again, slightly edited, but this time it's not so obvious):
Can you please, PLEASE have an article on the "Temple Moor Serial Sh*tter". If you remember there was a certain someone who repeatedly stormed the boys toilets and took a number 2 all the way round the rimm of the seat. For weeks everyone speculated who the culprit really was, and it became so widespead that even the lower years became involved in the hunt.

Now it is simply disgusting for there to be a sole person who feels the need to attack our already absolutely urine-filled toilets, with there turds, but it's some poor student out there, obviously along with his bladder problems.

I am appauled to report that as of December 2007, the "Serial Sh*tter" seems to have returned once more. Please alert your readers to be on the look out, as recently various people have reported that the vile rimmings have returned. This time, the "Serial Sh*tter" will NOT go unnamed! The hunt is on. Only something as ridiculous as this situation would happen at Temple Moor.

Wait, people use school toilets? Brave chaps, indeed. Anyway, if you have news about the Serial Sh*tter or anything else, you can contact us at - we're waiting.


Belatu-Cadros said...

Serial Shitter? XD
To crack this mystery is the sole purpose for which I live!

Anonymous said...

As "class of 2007" I feel I know whom it definitely is?