Friday, 7 December 2007

"Moor" on the web

Oh, yes, isn't that pun just hilarious? It's like "more on the web", but incorporating part of the school's name. Either way you look at it, it's certainly a lot cleverer than this:

Don't ask me what that's all about. But here's what the uploader said about it:
This were i fell off my bike at my mates i broke my wrist and my elbow and went flying over my handle bars and did a 180 flip
The video's got only 17 views as I type this, hasn't been rated out of five stars at all yet and has no clicks from any website. But if you're after more from beastypie07, the sensibly-named YouTube user, check out his other video "Garner v Danny" - yes, it's another appalling bad fight, set to awful music.

And now onto more positive news. The website Urban Dictionary is a bit like Wikipedia, but a dictionary. Users define new phrases and words that have come into use. What's "The Henry Winkler", a "vague chesire on AIM" or "glowmophobia"? I suggest you avoid them, and instead look at "cumhead". Not sure what it means? Well one definition is this:
The word cumhead orginates from Temple Moor High School.

The word means someone who puts so much gel on their hair, you can actually see little lumps of it. Making it appear to be cum in a sort of way

"Hey cumhead, what's that's in your hair?"
"It looks like cum to me cumhead"
Makes you proud to attend the school, doesn't it?


Anonymous said...

Another piece of good news : The prankster in the first video got humiliated when this video was put on the smartboard for all to see during his form time. Even the teachers get a laugh of their own!

Anonymous said...

wow what an appaling fight. Learn to punch

Wombatlord said...

So blue hits the deck, and red gets on top...and then red just slaps him with his forearms a bit?

Pretty weak kid, you could've done some real damage in that position.

And also, with the amount of "punches" thrown in that fight, must've been like a fleshy pillow fight.


Red vs Blue much?

Draven said...

Well it's obvious that was going to be a pathetic fight, they were wearing FOOTBALL! shirts.
All I can say is the fight was as shite as the music.

amyxlp said...