Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Monthly Roundup

It's not been a particularly busy month, but the National Union of Teachers, Classroom Assistants and Sex Educators (NUTCASE*) strike provided plenty to talk about. Here's the small bits of news we haven't mentioned:
  • Our latest poll has closed and it turns out that opinion is quite divided. We asked how the builders are doing and there's an equal split between "Yes - leave them alone!" and "Help, I'm choking". However, the overall majority has more negative votes than positive.
  • The social area had one its windows smashed.
  • Not really an exclusive or anything, but have a look at Temple Moor's staff having a football match against some Sixth Formers:

  • Good luck to Years 9, 11, 12 and 13 with their upcoming exams.
  • Year 11 have their prom tomorrow (that's Friday 2 May)
*Not actual name of the striking union.


Dee4leeds said...

You should of used one of the more interesting videos from the game. And for those who don't know the sixth form won 4-1.

Melaisis said...

How was the prom?

Dee4leeds said...

It was nice Scott, from what I can remember at least. Twas over a year ago now.

Melaisis said...

Lmao. I meant theirs.

Dee4leeds said...

No you didnt

atomfox said...

It was alright, although it contained a few good old Temple Moor disasters, like not having enough tables and chairs for the amount of people there, which could have been due to the fact they didn't check for people's tickets, or they just don't care; as long as the teachers' table had wine.