Sunday, 11 May 2008

Winners: not so rare at TMHS

Sorry for the lack of posts for about ten days, we've been busy. But we've got some very good news: even in places fraught with disaster (and chlorine gas), the good will always flourish. So before the school starts bragging, allow Templar Truths to award unofficial congratulations to Electric Umbrella.

"Uh...who?" I can almost hear you ask (if you don't already know). Made of three Templars (who we hear like this blog), this "funk/rock" band have recently won an award: winners of Intake High School's Battle of the Bands. They were up against five others in their category and were picked by three judges as the winners.

Because we like them at TT, here's the trio performing a cover version of The Undertones' Teenage Kicks:

In conclusion, well done not only to the talents of Electric Umbrella, but also to Temple Moor's Music department for supporting the band.

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