Monday, 12 May 2008

Bin and gone...

That is an atrociously bad pun for a title - I know. It's alike a red-top tabloid (there's a plan! Newspaper serialisation, anyone?).

Anyway, our beloved Titler bin has vanished! It seems the bin with the cleverly-rearranged letters has been banished. Why is this? There's numerous reasons why. Has the school realised it sounds a bit like "Hitler"? Do they now see it could be seen as an indicator that the school is fascist?
What doesn't make any sense, though, is swapping a big blue bin with Temple Moor branding for a generic square brown bin. Why do it? If we're honest, branded bins are quite professional - it's not cheap to stick your name on a bin (even if they are just letters with sticky backing).

Rumours of Titler moving to Poland are greatly exaggerated.

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