Friday, 4 April 2008

Monthly Roundup

OK, it might be midway through Easter, but here are the small bits of information we haven't posted this month, but that may be of interest. Plus the latest poll results!
  • The overall winner of the 2009 production vote is Blues Brothers, with 19 votes of 61. High School Musical came second with 16 votes. Either the student body of TMHS are mental, or it's a joke. We hope it's the latter.
  • In case you hadn't noticed, we can now be accessed via - you can expect this URL to cause Internet Explorer to shut down by the time we're back at school.
  • In the last monthly roundup, you may remember that we ran a competition: submit a piece of writing and if it's the best, you get a permanent writing job on this blog. We received no contributions at all. So don't blame us if this blog languishes un-updated in cyberspace...
  • We did receive many emails from nice Nigerian men with $2,000,000 to give us. Happy days!
  • The Little Shop website is still up - and those "coming shortly" links still aren't there.
That's actually just about it - news has been slow this month. But here's that April Fool's gag we pulled in full:
Templar Truths has been acquired by Temple Moor High School and its staff, who wish to publish the following statement:

Templar Truths has been, and is, potentially damaging to our school. It has eroded the pride and reputability of Temple Moor as a scholarly institution. This can no longer be the case, our image has been unfairly defamed and branded as "epic fail" for too long now.

The writers have yet to be punished, but are likely to face expulsion for their devious crimes against our establishment. We hope you, their readers, now understand the true villainy of what was afoot here. We hope you realise that Temple Moor is a wonderful establishment.

It will take a while to undo the cyberspace damage of this weblog, so bear with us as we delete the previous posts, change the style of the blog and erase all the defamatory comments made. Thank you in advance for your support of Temple Moor.

Contribute: send us any tales of Easter school idiocy!

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