Sunday, 6 April 2008

Business as usual

Now school is set to recommence, after an unbearable two weeks away from our beloved establishment (cough), we just wish to remind you all that the blog is still going strong. Comprised mainly of elder school pupils (or are we?), there's not long left for us until Study Leave (for those of us lucky enough to get study leave). Meaning that, in a few week's time, we'll be gone, and will have nothing to blog about. So if we're going to keep the public up to date with the horror that can be life at our precious school, we're going to rely on your contributions. The email address, which you can find just down the page if you look, is .

And, since we don't have much longer, we're going to have to make the most. So for the remaining few weeks we have at the school, we're not going to miss a beat. Every time a teacher swears, a substitute finds himself way over his head, or the builders endanger all of our lives by puncturing a tank of poisonous gas, we'll be there to report on it. Yeah, we're sad, we know.

Oh, and since some of the teachers happen to have started forming guesses over precisely who is who on this blog... We thought we'd shake things up again. Who am I, Idle Idol? Or am I only one person? In fact, who is using which accounts at all? For that matter, do we still have the same contributors we had, say, a few months back? You work it out... if you can. Heck, who says I'm not a new member?

Or maybe I'm telling people this to confuse them and lead them in the wrong directions. All I can say is that we've had a behind the scenes shake up to protect our air of mystique. Enjoy.

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