Saturday, 26 April 2008

Welcome to our future.

It's safe to say that for a while many people have said the world is going to pot, the older generation seem to reiterate this more frequently that some of us young 'uns do. Although you may just laugh off the 'When I was a wee lass' and 'Back in the good old days' surely you have noticed the underlying truths that they mention. It then begs the question, what is happening to us? Where are we going? and all other meaning of life esque questions.

Being only in the middle stages of my teenage years, it may be safe to say that I my life stretches out before me (touch wood, and by wood I mean a huge oak tree) that should be reassuring however, is it? Is it really? Can you squash the claims that inner city flats will not turn into crime ridden slums? Can you ignore the horrifying stories splattered across the papers, robbing, rape, murder? Can you say that there will be no more terrorism? Can you say you will be safe?

So being on the verge of the rest of my life, first GCSE exam on friday and having had a bumpy ride through school, i'd like to point this out.

I'm scared.


Anonymous said...

what is this article all about exactly? Who cares?

Dee4leeds said...

Melaisis won't approve of this!

...joke. Maybe.