Friday, 18 April 2008

School Closure

Hopefully, we'll do a slightly better job of informing students about this than the school did.

On Thursday 24th, the school will be closed for students in Years 7 - 11 due to the NUT teachers strike. NUT, whilst it may be hilariously apt, is in fact the name of the union; not a remark about the teachers going on strike.

Whilst Sixth Form will still be, as far as we're aware, required to attend on this day, most of us will have a day to ourselves.

However, whilst on the matter, the school's means of informing it's pupils today was rather dire. Letters were sent around during the last period of today but, unfortunately, they apparently did not reach all classes. Meaning that some people left school today blissfully unaware of the strike. Luckily, Templar Truths is here to do it's duty to the pupils of this school and inform them in a way the school itself failed to do. To those who could potentially have gone through the weekend without knowing, and not been informed until next week, it's a bit too short notice. So please, Temple Moor - especially since this is nowhere near the first time you have failed to inform pupils of important information such as this - try to send letters around a few hours earlier. Maybe then, they'll be time for everyone to be informed.

So start making plans for your day off. Make the most of it, by Friday we return the bowels of hell.

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