Thursday, 10 April 2008


April 24 is a date of your diary (if you have a diary - surely you must have some sort of planner, regardless of how awful they might be...). NUT - a teaching union (but not the only one) - are getting its members to strike.

It's the first strike for twenty years, and is happening because the teachers are fed up with their pay. Apparently the government are stopping teachers' pay being affected by inflation. Unsurprisingly, they're not happy. You see, people want money if they're going to be subjected to chlorine gas.

But never mind what the teachers want. What does it mean for Temple Moor? Well, we've had a tip-off that about thirty staff are NUT members. This isn't a majority, but it's a fairly substantial amount. However, it's unlikely that Temple Moor will be shut (BSF disaster pending). So you can expect supply teachers to descend en masse.
Update: Apparently they can't hire lots of supply teachers. A day off is looking very likely indeed, which can only be good news.


Dee4leeds said...

And rightly so it should be raised.

There's some reet bastards at that school. *Cough* All of lower school *Cough*

Melaisis said...

Actually they can't cover for lessons, apparently. Something to do with the law. Oh, and do you think that the school can afford 30 supplies on agency pay? I doubt it!

Anonymous said...

Legally, you can't hire substitutes to fill in for people on strike in certain establishments; schools included. So they can't get people to cover the many - possibly hundreds - of lessons this would affect.
(30-35 teachers x 5-6 lessons)

Anonymous said...

also other teachers cannot cover