Monday, 14 April 2008

The Real life "Ceiling Cat".

Now i've heard some fairly bizzare stories in temple moor, things that confuse and bewilder the mind but no story has ever made me laugh so much as the story of the real life "ceiling cat". Apparently a certain teacher was just getting into his room at about 7:30 when suddenly one of the ceiling panels came crashing down onto one of the desks, a seemingly normal accurance in the world of temple moor as they are always trying to kill us, however when this particular teacher went to see what the damage was, to his suprise what he found insted of a broken roof tile crumpled were some small child would be sat in about and hours time was a hissing, spitting cat. No work of a lie this cat was so angry it tried to jump back up into the roof hole. After many attemps of catching this cat, some other person im not sure who went and got a coat and threw it over the cat, grabbed it and took it outside. I dont know about you but i have this awesome mental image of a teacher wrestling with a cat like you would a crocodile...made me lol!!
I need to find this cat and give it a medal its really is the real life "ceiling cat".


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Melaisis said...

"Ceeeeeeeeiling caaaaaat, ceeeeeeiling caaaaaaat, what are they feeding yooooooou!?"

Lmao. I better go stalk Flores to see if they're attempting to steal you away from The Three Rs.