Monday, 17 March 2008

Solar Powered Killing Sheep

The current trendy thing for any large establishment to do is go all eco-friendly and pro-environment. As a school with over a thousand pupils, who try to ram their morally righteous ideologies down pupils' throats, shouldn't Temple Moor be jumping on the green bandwagon?

Chances are you've done at least one cut-and-stick activity. What do you do with all the leftover paper that isn't stuck in your exercise book, never to be looked at again? You've thrown it all into the bin. Along with other general waste. There's no decent reason that Temple Moor shouldn't have two bins per classroom, one of which will house waste while the other gets paper to be recycled. It's a simple plan and surely not beyond even this school?

Also, why do teachers insist on leaving their SmartBoards on overnight? It's acceptable if it's between lessons - but overnight? That sucks energy from both the computer, the SmartBoard and the projector. Clever. Even if there's some half-decent reason why this is necessary, why can't the school install solar panels? Then they could generate their own energy supplies, if we're to believe science lessons.

Finally, BSF. The project to rebuild Temple Moor is woefully behind schedule last time we checked - is that a positive environmental influence? Hardly. And is the local climate enriched by chlorine? No, it's not. To combat this, an army of solar powered killing sheep should be set loose upon the building site. If no one dies, it will hopefully boost workers' motivation.

Come on Temple Moor. You've preached to us in Guidance - now show us you know what you're actually blathering on about.

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Nick said...

Don't be daft. I tried to push for several 'green' things when I was there (Paper recycling and turning the damn projectors off being high on the list). Nothing came of it.