Saturday, 1 March 2008

Monthly Roundup

Only 29 days long is February - and that's only every four years. So has the longest version of the shortest month been any better than the rest? Here's news we haven't posted (and some very important news at the bottom!):
  • Our latest poll's findings are as thus: 69 people say the pigs are red, 25 think they're pink. So it's (un)official: the Pink Pigs just aren't.
  • Many people have been glad to receive Sixth Form acceptance letters. To those who did: well done.
  • Anonymous e-mail time:
    Dear Templar Truths,

    [We've] been doing some work for you on the Sixth From side of things. Two things:

    One, not so important, but the buliders cut the electricity to the sixth form center... idoits.

    And two, the far more interesting piece of news. Basically a couple of weeks ago, we all had to do mock exams in all our lessons. The teachers marked them, handed them in. Job done? Oh No. [One teacher] disreguarded the results and the teachers ahrd work, put the November mock grades (Which are much lower) as the Current Grades. Stupid enough for you? No? Well She then asked the teachers to change the predictive grades to higher to make it more "challenging" for thw pupils... Resulting in nearly half the sixth form having to go on study register. Study Register is instead of doing what you like in your free periods you get locked like animals in the Libary. Basically going againist rule 3(?) that we dont have to be there. The hipocracy is rife every where in the school.

    Good up the good work.
  • The school's encouraging Year 11s to go to Easter School. The only problem here is that it's Easter. And school. Two things which are usually separated by common sense...
  • Fire alarm incidents have gone down considerably recently - perhaps the builders have wrecked the system.
  • Languages rooms have helpful reminders like "have you turned off your PC and whiteboard?" for the teachers.
  • Some notes on the school website:
    i know there has been blogs about the website before but im bored and want to nag.

    • -why does the site need a google search bar?
    • parents info > planner > Please click on the link below to see a copy of the Parents' Year Planner 2007/2008: wheres the link?
    • "the new school reception" isn't exactly new
    • parents info > prospectus > Current prospectus is not available for downloading.
    then why is the page available?

    well, yeah thats all i got but it certainly did keep me occupied for a while. just felt taking the mick out of my favourite hell-whole on earth.
  • Melaisis, who often comments on this blog, has praised Tempo-Online for its denial of anonymous comments, which Templar Truths allows. So should comments from unknown people be allowed or denied by us? Post your the comments, ironically. It may become a poll.
Forgive the bold capitals, please.

Year 11 will, at some not-so-distant point in the future, be going on study leave. This affects pretty much every Templar Truths writer. "Oh no, where will I find my source of Temple Moor-based funny and informative news - that's only slightly biased?"

Well that's where you come in. If you think you're good enough to be a writer, then send us in an article by email. The rules:
  1. No names: pupils, teachers, your hamster. We don't write names at all very often.
  2. Temple Moor-related: that's pretty obvious. Apart from it has to be about TMHS, you've got free reign of topics.
  3. We'll look at every entry. Even ones from Tempo-Online writers.
  4. Deadline: March 31, so we can ready them all before the next monthly roundup, where the winner will be announced.
The best one gets theirs published on this site and a permanent writing gig here. What have you got to lose?

In the immortal words of the Looney Tunes:
That's all, folks!


Dee4leeds said...

I'm against anonymous comments, they just make the site a TMHS bashing ground when it should be a exchange of opinions.

Wombatlord said...

Completely agree with Melaisis and Dee.

To quote John Gabriel's Greater Internet Dickwad Theory...

Normal Person + Anonymity + Audience = Total Dickwad.

Anyone that can tell me where that's from wins some internets!

Melaisis said... is now linking Templar Truths. for the banner:

Cheers guys.

The Anonymous Man said...

Anonymity + normal person + Audience = total dickwad?

No idea where it's from, but it isn't always true...

I agree with dee4leeds, but if the person that has their anonymity can keep their heads, exchange of opinions on the school is perfectly possible without it becoming too much of a flame war.