Monday, 3 March 2008

National Year Of Reading

Whether it's film scripts or manga, sci fi or song lyrics, we want to get everyone reading more.
~Year of Reading website

Temple Moor is helping to boost the nation's passion for reading by partaking in the National Year Of Reading. Basically, throughout the year Temple Moor should encourage lots and lots of reading - unless of course it's this blog, which they'd probably prefer you to not read and deny its existence.

This is likely to be a role passed on to the English department, who already do things like...well...reading. But what can they actually do? Classes are preoccupied enough with Shakespeare, poems from different cultures, writing letters and other stuff - when will they be told to just read a book? I'll tell you - never.

Instead, Temple Moor will probably just say "go and read a book". This week they're giving out book tokens which subtract £1 from the price of any book in any bookshop. Just a pound. But that's got nothing to do with Year of Reading - it happens every year.

We're in March now and I've seen no signs - except today's announcement of book tokens - of any activities designed to boost reading. Grab a book in Guidance tomorrow and start reading. Chances are you'll be shouted at.

As a side-note, why aren't Temple Moor embracing other schemes? It's the International Year Of The Potato, but when were you last given an assembly on the food?


Melaisis said...

I'd recommend anyone who agrees with this post in the lower years to take English Literature at AS level. All you ever do is read, honest!

I find this post highly ironic, in a good way. I think Templar Truths makes up 90% of most peoples' (people's?) daily reading, especially looking at some of the more er... controversial comments you guys used to get. People can no longer actually relate to the fiction which is presented to us. I mean, I personally felt a little outcast when it was discovered that Harry and Ginny didn't have hawt, passionate secks. I mean, TT is hardly literotica about the youth of Temple Moor, but we can relate to the content. Moreso than what the English department offers up, anyway.

Now to a response to Flosh, who posted on Angsty Me a while back:

I retract the whole 'WE SHALL TAKE OVER THING'. It was a bit of a joke at the time. ;)

Secondly, I think the Tempo-Online guy really has some great ideas. He just needs some exceedingly good editing, that's all. Heh.

And its really hard to compare our blogs with you guys. You definitely have better grasp of the English language than some of -our- contributors (cough!) but, on the other hand, Dee has been published on, and 3scapism has been produced in PC Gamer UK (last month's Cables, kthnx!) and has recently been featured on Game Revolution. I'm not tooting my own horn here (Lmao!); but we all appeal to different audiences. I'd say the fact you guys have the attention of both staff and student body alike is a great success. Kudos again.

Angsty Me is now linking Templar Truths. You don't have to add it to your affiliates, but we'd appreciate it. ;)

Wow; that was a bit of an epic.

Qua? said...

The woman who was giving out the vouchers this morning walked in our form room . . .

Gave us a talk on them . . .

And then walked back out . . .

still holding the tickets

Flosh said..., PC Gamer and Game Revolution sounds like a rather impressive list. I certainly hope that, once TT shuts it's doors, I can move on to get work published on such levels. Bravo to you.
And thanks for the words of support. We live to please (assuming you do not work for Temple Moor). And in case you got the wrong idea, which I hope you didn't, my post on "Angsty Me" wasn't intended in any sort of aggressive way, nor did I take any offence to what you wrote. In truth, I can't quite remember what I posted. I'll have to look it up.