Thursday, 13 March 2008

Review Day Review

In case you didn't get the memo, Parents' Evenings are rubbish - Review Day is where it's at.

The idea of Review Day is a simple one: instead of an hour chatting to ten different people, consolidate all of that information into a fifteen-minute chat with a form tutor. It saves everyone's time, except the form tutors, who have to be in school all day. However, it's not without some flaws.

For example, rooms. If your form tutor usually teaches and works in Languages, you don't expect them to be up in Maths, and you don't expect an English teacher to be sent to one of the huts. If everyone is in their own room, why the need for moving around?

There's also the issue of uniform. Anything involving more than having a tie around your neck is usually deemed a bit too much by many Templars. But when you're in school for about a quarter of an hour (sometimes less, sometimes more), why is uniform such a necessity? Does it really matter if you're wearing normal, casual clothes when you go and visit the school? Or is this someone's idea of punishment because we have the rest of the day off?

Year 11s weren't particularly amused, either. With few weeks left to go at school, and a Parents' Evening (shock horror!) recently gone, is there any need for a "review"? If there isn't, then Year 11s have been dragged in because normal lessons can't be on and no one wants to give them a day off.

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Melaisis said...

I concur. Although Six Formers obviously didn't have to attend in uniform; it is still a bit of an inconvenience to have to go in school for simply ten minutes. Especially on a day where I would have just two lessons anyway.

The lower years can hardly complain, though: You get an entire day off!