Friday, 14 March 2008

Light, Fire & Illusion

When Temple Moor invites a mad scientist into its building, you might question their sensibility. But Dr Marty Jopson was here to demonstrate "light, fire and illusion". But was it the show worthy of a Science College, or was the whole thing a shambles? Our guest writer tells all.

Doctor Marty Jopson's Light fire and illusion show took place at 7:00pm on thursday night. The audience turned out to be surprisingly large; not that I'm challenging Marty Jopson's 'wealth of experience' or the very reasonable ticket price. Now to me the show was just, Okay. The reasons being that although, excluding the tedious explanations, the show was reasonably entertaining as the leaflet suggested, the show had one large problem; this being the audience. Not that i'm making any personal references toward certain people there, even the strange loud group of adults who laughed in short bursts at practically everything Marty did. I'm simply saying that the show tried to aim itself at a too larger variety of audience with clearly confused 5 year olds and patronised intelligent students and adults. Although Marty clearly knew alot (apart from indicating that light always travelling in straight lines is an indisputable fact, and 'proving' it by shining a dodgy laser pen through smoke) he was restricted by the ... less intellectual audience which meant I personally didn't learn a thing. However, the show was well worth the £1 and I'm sure many people were inspired by Marty while also learning a bit about light and how it is interpreted, even if it did run over 10 minutes.


Melaisis said...

One pound? Not bad at all.

I probably would have gone myself TBH. But unless you actually take a science in six form; then the events in that department are scarcely advertised to the rest of us. Still, good to see we're a 'science college' still and all that.

Qua said...

It was actually quite good.


Enjoyed the fire tornadoes.


Maybe wasn't as good as the other one he did a couple of years ago.


Still good.