Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Who cares about our Future?

"Who cares about our Future? Tell us most about how you KO'd Robbie Savage!"

We've had a motivational speech about our future, with former football referee Matt Messias.

As year 11s will now no doubt all ready know, Matt is most famous for this scene here where he knocks down Blackburn's Robbie Savage.

Matt's main purpose was to get across the school's "aim higher programme". Thinking that a ref would be "down" with the students, they set forth and got Matt to do a speech. Whether it worked, nobody can really tell, but the assembly he gave wont be forgotten any time soon.

After, he prepared to do one hour sessions with two groups for the next two periods. As foreseen, when he asked if anyone had any questions, he was stricken by questions to do with his accident with Robbie Savage. The lessons themselves required pupils to write about what they'd like to do in the future. But hardly any pupils took this seriously despite the seriousness of the topic.
At the end of the lessons, Matt put on a video that was a montage of sporting achievements to Eminem's Lose Yourself. However the video also couldn't be taken seriously because of the amount of innuendos in it. Apparently we must help each other as a team, and the better we do, the more inches to success we are. And we must take the inches off others to survive.

Agreed, the lesson was worth skipping the rubbish our teachers already had cooked up for us. And to make things even better, one Templar managed to get Matt's autograph. A day well spent.

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