Tuesday, 16 October 2007

3 Subjects, 3 Teachers...right?


We at Templar Truths have just discovered how Year 7 kids are being taught for History, Geography and another subject (RE, we assume, it being the only other "Humanities" lesson) - by the same teacher!

Your average Geography teacher - and I'm not, for once, being offensive here - probably knows nothing about Henry VIII besides his six wives, nor do they really know about Native Americans. They're just not really useful for history lessons, are they? And while they can probably tell Jesus from Mohammed, it's hardly likely they know vast amounts about RE. Which all makes you wonder...why are they teaching it?

Thankfully, it's only Year 7 students, as far as we know. So it's not essential for any exams...ever. You don't do a History SAT or cover any of these topics in GCSE, so at least their education isn't too impaired.

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Belatu-Cadros said...

Not that bad really. In my 5 years of being at Temple Moor, i've gone through 6 form tutors, 7 if you count Mr P. And in year 7 I had the same teacher for Form, RE and Music untill we got Mr Jones.