Monday, 1 October 2007

Little Shop of Horrors

This year the school has chosen to put on the musical "Little Shop of Horrors", a brilliant stage show that focuses on a man eating plant

I haven't been able to get a full cast-list but I shall post the ones I know here:

  • Audrey - Fran Clarke
  • Seymour - David Mowbray
  • Audrey 2 - Matty Jackson
  • Ronette - Amy Oddy
  • Crystal - Kirsten Moore
  • Chiffon - Jess heald
  • Dentist - Stefan Mannion
  • Dentist's Assistant - Lauren Kerrigan
  • Man who wants clipping of plant at end - Mark Horbury (i think)
More info on the cast as i get it!

ALSO there are rumours that the school will be putting on High School Musical next year and even though we won't be here, this blog will. So I encourage future readers to boycott this monstrosity if it is ever perfomed at Temple Moor


Anonymous said...

It's spelt Mowbray

Anonymous said...

Theres loads of dental assistants

"the other one" is chiffon

And matty jackson is audrey 2

Stefans last name is mannion


Wombatlord said...

High School Musical?

Think it'll come accompanied with a nude photo of whoever plays the female lead?

That's what's happened with the Disney one ;)

Wombatlord said...

I dunno, I'd gladly sacrifice my eyes to damage the reputation of certain people from TM to that degree...

Not to mention the bad press it'd bring the school :P